How to check cell phone numbers without missing calls on OPPO

The mobile phone number (HP number) is very important when it comes to informational purposes. If you top up credit but don’t remember your mobile phone number Smartphone You, so you are confused, to put the number from the credit meter in the purchase book.

You go to the nearest bank to create a new account, prior to which you will be directed Customer service to fill in the data by question and answer. If you Customer service In this question, you as a potential customer will be asked for your cell phone number information. However, they do not remember your current cell phone number. This is because the activity Smartphone now more dominant internet connection like Chat, Voice calls, even Video call Compared to normal calls, you often forget your own cell phone number.

Warning, this tutorial is only intended for users OPPO smartphones only. However, there is a chance that other brands and types of smartphones could follow this tutorial as well.

How to check your cell phone number without Miss call at OPPO.


1. Go to the main menu icon – press the icon Settings / settings.

2. Press Dual SIM and cellular network.

3. In the options Information about the SIM card, there are two SIM cards on which the respective mobile phone numbers are listed. Please press the SIM card slot for which you want to view detailed SIM card information.

4. Press SIM card number to see the HP number in detail.

5. Look at the results.


So for you OPPO smartphone user, you can search for your own cell phone number without making a phone call or checking the USSD. Make sure your Android ROM system is still OPPO’s standard.

This is a tutorial on how to check a cell phone number without Miss call at OPPO. Hope it’s useful.

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