How To Cheat The Latest Mobile Legends 2022 No Root

The latest Mobile Legends Cheat 2022 No Root No Banned, follow the tutorial for No Root or Root Android users. In order to win (victory) easily in Games One of the ways in Mobile Legends ML is to use cheats. One of them uses cheat radar map, drone view, line and health information, etc.

Cheats is a collection of code commands or programs designed to modify a program Games to have peculiarities that may not exist and not of. to be created developer officially Games. By using cheats the game becomes easier.

Mobile Legends is a game Online games MOBA war (Multiplayer online battle arena). In Mobile Legends there are 5 teams in the game and the mission is to destroy the tower (tower) Enemy. Several types and characters in the Mobile Legends game, namely: Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Hunter / Gunner, Support and Tank.

The purpose of this tutorial is for educational purposes

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to use cheats in Mobile Legends game to make it easier to play and win.

Cheat Map or Radar Map is one of the cheats in the Mobile Legends game that is used to determine the position of the opponent, wherever he is. Using this radar map will make it easier for you to find and catch your opponent.

Please follow the instructions step by step to try it out cheats Mobile Legends on the latest non-root and root Android.

Cheats functions

  • Bypass Anti Detected & Anti Banned
  • Radar Map No Icon (Safe)
  • Drone view
  • Health symbol and line info
  • Delete logs
  • Can be played many times without restarting and turning off functions
  • Free skins
  • Unlock hero

Virtual space

Notes for Parallel Space users: If you want to clone the Mobile Legends Apk to a virtual one, you need to rename or delete the folder first / Memory / emulated / 0 / android / data / and if you’ve played in the virtual, don’t reopen any mobile legends outside of the virtual. because it comes to an error message: Oops, please restart the game. If you have previously installed virtual, you will need to delete the data.

Latest scripts



  • Use a new account for the first try.
  • Recommendations Android Root is more secure than using virtual ones.
  • The purpose of using a radar map is to detect the presence of enemies in the grass. (Use the safe version of Radar Map No Icon).

Android No Root Tutorial

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1. Make sure you have the latest Mobile Legends application installed and downloaded all data.

2. Next, install the Virtual Space application, for example: Parallel Space Lite & Parallel Space Lite 64-bit plug-in

3. Then copy the folder in the folder/storage/emulated/0/android/data/ (this way so as not to download the data again)

4. Next, run the virtual room, then clone Mobile Legends APK to virtual by selecting the + (plus) icon.

5. Next, run Mobile Legends in the Virtual Space application.

6. After entering Mobile Legends, first let it download all data up to 100%.

7. Next install the GameGuard1an Apk, after the installation there are 2 GG icons, open them symbol which NS, then choose Originally to reinstall GameGuardian so that GameGuardian is installed with a random name.

8. Next clone GameGuardian by name arbitrarily in virtual space.

9. Run GameGuardian in the virtual room – Select Begin.

Remarks: If the GameGuardian icon does not appear as a popup while running, please go to Android Settings – Installed Apps / Installed Apps – Select a virtual application, for example DualSpace, then select Other Permissions / Other Permissions – Show pop-up windows – accept / accept / allow.

10. Next run the Virtual Space application – Run GameGuardian in Virtual Space – Select Begin.

11. Run the Mobile Legends game virtually, then Tap the icon GameGuardian – Select process – Select Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (UnityKillsMe) [x64]

12. Next you have to set the GameGuardian, freeze interval: 0 us

You have to do this so that it does not force close / exit when running the script on GameGuardian the settings GG, like: Enter the menu the settings/ GameGuardian Settings – Hide GameGuardian from the game – Tick 2, 3, 4 (slow).

13. Keep it up Cheat scripts by selecting the menu “Run scripts” Play icon – select files and search Cheat scripts Mobile Legends that have been installed download before (usually in the folder download).

When you have entered the game, activate the RADAR MAP Cheat at the beginning of the Entry Match. Wait for the process to be 100% complete, then you can see the enemy in the grass or from a distance.

Complete. (Check out the video tutorial to make it clearer for beginners who have never tried and been successful).

It is recommended that rooted Android users do not need to use Virtual as Virtual is prone to detection.

Android root tutorial

The method is the same as the steps above, the only difference is that you don’t have to use it virtually.

Video tutorials

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