How to chat WhatsApp for free without a quota with AnonyTun

In this demanding era, the WhatsApp application on Android seems difficult to avoid. This application is very simple. So that we can communicate between telephone providers without restrictions.

But what if the quota at HP is suddenly used up? Confused there. Can’t do anything. However, there are still many problems to be solved.

One way to help is WhatsApp. Hoping to contact friends and ask for a quota or credit. But if it turns out that the WhatsApp application cannot launch messages either, how about?

No need to be confused. Now there is an application called AnonyTun. With this application we can have at least one emergency channel to send messages via WhatsApp for free without credit or internet quota. So hurry up, download the AnonyTun application from the Google Play Store if you haven’t used up all of your credit.

Then how do you activate AnonyTun? Here are some of the steps.


1. After AnonyTun has been downloaded from the Google Play Store, go to the homepage immediately. Like the picture below.

Download AnonyTun

2. Then click on the “Menu”Stealth settings“top right. Next the settings the buttons are as follows:

  1. Move right or AT Stud “Stealth tunnel on / off “.
  2. Then im Connection protocol Select TCP.
  3. Auto on part Connection port Number is written 8080. If that’s true then just be quiet.
  4. Silent part Connect via higher-level proxy.
  5. Then scroll to the right Custom TCP / HTTP headers. This is important.
  6. During part SSL settings can just shut up.

Then the settings will look like the following picture.

3. If in section Custom TCP / HTTP headers You will see a button to generate below it becomes active. Click the button to speed up the connection process.
After selecting the button Generated, Then make the settings in this section as follows:

  1. Url / host can follow the offer, namely
  2. In the section Inquiry mode, can choose Will or post.
  3. Injection method Select normal.
  4. Keep your mouth shut Query method.
  5. During part Additional header Select Stay alive.

5. When setting the section Custom TCP / HTTP headers already done, choose now to generate. The result looks like the following picture:

6. Then click the button Save on computer and Save on computer again. Then the AnonyTun application can be activated on an Android phone. Here’s how to do it by clicking the button associate on the AnonyTun homepage. You can select any country for the selected country network. Or just leave it in place Best performance. Then AnonyTun can automatically find the best access network itself.

According to the author, this application can actually run when the credit or quota on the Android phone is actually used up. However, don’t expect to be able to surf or engage in activities that require a large internet bandwidth channel. Too slow and unpredictable.

But to send free messages over WhatsApp, the AnonyTun application has proven possible. Cannot send picture or voice messages.

Complete. much luck

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