How to change your face like a wild card on Android

Recently there was a movie that was pretty trending and became a hot topic in cyberspace, the movie is Joker. Maybe a lot of my friends want to be like The Joker after seeing the movie. Or just be Cosplay with form. Well, inwepo has an easy way to make you look like a wild card. Do you want to know how? Read the article below.

Who doesn’t know the Joker? Surely most of us already know who the wild card is. The Joker is a fictional super villain who has become the mortal enemy of. will superhero Batman.

A Joker movie came out recently, which has become a trend and talk of late. There is a lot of social media popping up Quotes and also Tutorials editing Yet form be like the joker.

The Joker character itself looks very unique and interesting where a psychopath shows up as a creepy clown. However, this character has caught the attention of many internet users due to its uniqueness.

Well the good news with you Smartphone and your Instagram application can also change your face to be like the joker. Here are the easy steps to change your face to be like the joker.

Video tutorials


1. Open a browser application such as Google Chrome or another similar browser application. Then type “wow filter” in the search box. If you entered the wow filter page directly.

2. Find the search menu on the wow filter page, then enter “Joker” in the search menu column. If the filter you are looking for is no longer available, just continue TapTry it now! “.

Or visit the following link directly

3. A menu will appear Pop up To open the app, just select Instagram. Next you stay Tap stud Clasp in the middle to take pictures or videos.

That’s a tutorial on how to change your face to be like the Joker on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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