How to change WhatsApp’s unique voice memo and status splitter

Would like to Upload Long-term status? Or would you like to surprise your friends with a unique VN? Now no additional applications are required, you can use 2 functions shared video and VN Changer directly from WhatsApp.

Chat apps

How many applications are there? Chat What is terTo install At Smartphone You? The answer can be different, it can be just one application or more than two. While there are many, many people choose WhatsApp because WhatsApp is simple to use and quite easy to use.

Almost everyone knows that WhatsApp is an application that is still under the same roof as Facebook and Instagram. Hence, we find many features that are almost the same across the three social media applications. Well, one of them is function Stories on Instagram and Facebook then status for WhatsApp.

Of the three functions, they have the same function, namely the display of content posts that automatically disappear within 24 hours.

WhatsApp status functions

Speaking of WhatsApp, the existing status function is only allowedUpload only content less than or equal to 30 seconds. In addition, we are requested to create a new status again and to adapt to the previous time. It’s pretty complicated, but WhatsApp itself doesn’t have any functionality yet shared video for quite a long state.

Splinter status

Then how can you send a status that is quite long and not complicated? You only need one application here, namely FM WhatsApp. This mod version of WhatsApp has hidden features that are not yet available in the official version of WhatsApp. Except for use for Split videos You can also directly convert your VN voice into another voice easily and without the help of other applications.

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Video tutorials


1. First download first the WhatsApp Mod application and To install on your respective smartphone. Don’t forget to log into your WhatsApp account.

2. Scroll to the status menu, you will see there later symbol scissors. Tap the icon Scissors, then you will be redirected to choose a video from your gallery of a long enough duration to watch Splits. Automatically results Splits is sent directly sequentially with the status.

How to change WhatsApp's unique voice memo and status splitter

3. To change the VN sound, enter one of the Chat Friend then Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner. Several menus will appear later, just choose Language changer.

How to change WhatsApp's unique voice memo and status splitter

4. Select the type of sound you want, then send Voice memo as usual. Later, the VN you send will sound as unique as the one you selected earlier.

How to change WhatsApp's unique voice memo and status splitter


Therefore Tutorials how one shared video WhatsApp status and also change the sound of voice memos without the need for other applications. Here you can just use a mod application that has 2 features that are not yet available in the official WhatsApp application.

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