How to change WhatsApp voice memos to text

WhatsApp users must be familiar with the voice memo or voice messaging feature. By using this voice memo feature, WhatsApp users can send voice messages without typing them. This function is of course very easy to use and certainly useful for WhatsApp users.

However, in certain situations, users cannot immediately find out the content of the voice memo message because they are attending a course / meeting, are in a crowded place so that the message cannot be heard, or in other situations that do not provide assistance.

Transcribers for WhatsApp

To trick the above, WhatsApp users can take advantage of an additional application called Transcriber for WhatsApp. This application converts the voice memo into a text. This way, WhatsApp users no longer need to listen to incoming voice memo messages, just read the content of the voice memo messages converted to text.

Besides the simple Transcribe application, users do not need to register or log into the application to use the Transcribe for WhatsApp application. This application only requires permission to access the media only.

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Although the Transcribe for WhatsApp application is relatively new, the results of converting voice memos to text are very accurate. Even if there is a wrong word, it is due to poor pronunciation of the message in the voice memo or an unclear word. But overall, this application is very careful in converting voice memos to text. In addition, users can change the type of text language or share text.


1. First, download an additional application called Transciber for WhatsApp from the Play Store. First, open and activate the Transciber application.

2. Then just open the WhatsApp application, open a private or group chat that has the voice memo that you want to use as text. Click the voice note until it is blocked. Click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the chat and select share. Select the Transcriber app.

How to change WhatsApp voice memos to text

3. Wait a moment, the Transcriber application will immediately process the voice memo to text. You don’t have to wait long, the voice memo has been converted to text. Click the Translate icon to change the language, click the copy icon to copy the text, or click the share icon to share the text. Complete.

How to change WhatsApp voice memos to text


By using and using the Transcribe for WhatsApp application, WhatsApp users can easily find out the content of voice memos without listening to them. This is of course very useful when you find yourself in a situation or situation that is less supportive.

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