How to change WhatsApp ringtone on iPhone

WhatsApp is a cross messaging app platform which allows you to exchange messages without SMS fees because WhatsApp delivery boyuse the same internet data plan for email, surf the Internet, and other. WhatsApp app delivery boy Use a 3G, 4G, or WiFi internet connection for data communication. With WhatsApp you can have online chats, share files, exchange photos and much more.

The WhatsApp application has a feature that allows you to specify the notification sound group as well as WhatsApp messages from individuals. This way, you can easily find out incoming messages from WhatsApp by group or not group or individually. However, you cannot change the tone of messages from individuals as WhatsApp does not yet offer this feature.

Because some of us definitely don’t want to open incoming messages from group WhatsApp or vice versa so that you don’t have to waste time opening the WhatsApp application just to view incoming messages that you don’t need. Before doing this, don’t forget to update your WhatsApp application on your iPhone with the latest one, just follow the tutorial.

Video tutorials:


1. Open Whatsapp- Go to settings Tap Notifications.

2. In the section Message notifications Tap sound Then select the notification tone you want The same way you can for Group notifications.

This is the tutorial on how to change WhatsApp ringtone on iPhone. Hope it’s useful.

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