How to change the Windows 10 wallpaper automatically

Windows is one of the operating systems that most of the people are currently using. This operating system developed by Microsoft is developing into a huge provider that can hardly be surpassed. So far, only the IOS operating system could be seen as a competitor, and even then Windows is still higher in terms of the number of products sold.

This is because the Windows operating system offers a multitude of superior features and is accompanied by a very affordable price so that it can achieve them all segment Market of segment bottom up.

Windows itself has undergone many updates, starting with Windows XP until now, the latest being Windows 10. Perhaps some of our friends have Windows 10 installed as the main operating system on their laptops / computers. On this occasion the author will provide a tutorial on how to background on the desktop can change automatically over a period of time without you having to change it manually.

Of course we get bored as computer users when Desktop backgrounds that’s all we are And if we want to replace it we are lazy because we have to go into the settings and follow the steps. Just take a look at the steps.


1. Create a special folder consisting of several images that you want to install background automatically. Here the author would like to insert 12 images at once that are to be installed as background.

Inwepo friends can also fill in more than 12 pictures as there is no limit to the number of pictures that can be posted.

2. Then right-click on your desktop and choose Personalize.

3. Then you go directly to the settings, then click on Write Pictures.

4. After clicking several options appear, you select one Slide show.

5. Next click Search, a new window appears in which inwepo friends navigates to the folder created in the first step. Then click Select this folder.

6. Inwepo friends can also set the time period for each change background, here the author chooses 10 minutes, i.e. every 10 minutes background will change automatically. You can also set the order in which the images are displayed in order or randomly.

This is the tutorial from the author, hopefully it can be useful for Inwepo friends who are sometimes bored with the look background it’s all lazy at the same time to replace it manually.

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