How to change the Windows 10 license correctly

Windows 10 is the best operating system Microsoft currently has, why not, there are many features in Windows 10 that are even being developed on a daily basis. Update What Microsoft does has a distinct impact compared to their previous operating system, but unfortunately the Windows 10 license provided by Microsoft is quite expensive in terms of licenses, but there are also several websites that offer insane discounts for 1 license.

Windows 10 using a temporary license (usually new laptops use a temporary license) will appear Watermark as described below, although not annoying, it is still not pleasant to watch for fear of being considered pirated by others, even though we are actually using the original license even though it is temporary.

For those of you who want to replace or install a new license code with it Watermark missing above, you can follow the tutorial below.


1. You can access the settings by clicking on Start menu and click the button in shape Teeth.

2. Then you click on the menu system.

3. Then im Submenu you click the button Above usually at the bottom.

4. Then you search for text Change the product key or upgrade your edition of window and click on the text.

5. Here you can find the text Change the product key with symbol press, click the button.

6. Then it will appear Pop up and you enter License key that you have and click the button Next.

7. The information appears to leave your laptop powered on and must be connected to the internet during the license code installation process.

8. Wait for the process to return to Wallpaper and done.

Note: if you for example License key Windows 10 Pro and the status of Windows 10 you have is not Windows 10 Pro then your Windows 10 version will change automatically depending on the type of license code you have. In the author’s case, Windows 10 was previously Windows 10 Home single language, then the author uses a Windows 10 Pro Plus license to switch the author’s version from Windows 10 to Windows 10 Pro Plus.

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