How to change the wallpaper to a live widget on Android

As we all know, we can easily embellish our looks Smartphone Android with thousands Wallpaper which we can download for free from the Google and Play Store. Talk about it Wallpaper has it ever crossed your mind to make it Live widget? If so, Inwepo will take this opportunity to share a trick on how to change Wallpaper Will live Widget.

Indeed, Android is a device that is very easy to customize and customize its appearance. have a look Home screen which of course would be boring. For this, many of us often change our looks homeland screen with different Widget.

As Widget Weather, news or clock and many others. Still in contact with Widget In this article we will try how to change Wallpaper Will live Widget which we can use to find out the signal strength, battery percentage and also other notifications that are on Smartphone weather.

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How to change wallpaper to live widget on Android

1. Download and To install First the meter application in the Play Store.

2. Open the meter application, there are 3 options Widget that can be installed are WLAN cellular network, battery, and also Notifications. Then tap WLAN cellular network to grant location access permissions.

3. Choose Notifications and Tap YES Then enable notification access in the meter application.

4. Choose one of the three Widget there is for example WLAN cellular network then Tap WALLPAPERS SET Then select Gauges.

5. When you are finished, tap Set wallpaper to activate Wifi + cellular widget. Automatically later Wallpaper The triangle is fully charged and reduced according to the strength of the WiFi and cellular signal in the network Smartphone She.

How to change wallpaper to live widget on Android. Much luck.

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