How to change the voice of the voice memo in the telegram

The Telegram application is known not only as a chat application but also for the bots it contains. Telegram bots are nothing more than artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence that exists and always runs invisibly in the Telegram application so that it does not interfere with the user interface or the appearance of the Telegram chat application.

There are a lot of bots in this Telegram application. By using these different types of bots, users can get different benefits and benefits that of course cannot be obtained with other chat applications. One of the benefits and advantages that can be obtained is changing the voice in voice memos or voice messages in the Telegram application.

Telegram bots

The Telegram bot that is used to change the voice to voice memos is a bot called Voice Pich Bot. The way it works is very simple, so users just need to change the sound of the voice memo with voice filters provided by the bot. This Voice Pich Bot has a total of 10 voice filters that can be applied to voice memos.

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After recording a voice memo, users just need to select the sound filter they want. The maximum number of sound filters that can be used is unlimited. Users can use any existing sound filter until they find the most suitable sound filter.


1. Open the Telegram app, click on the symbol seek to open the search field. Enter in the search box vopibot and choose a bot named Voice Pich Bot.

How to change the voice of the voice memo in the Telegram

2. After the Voice Pich Bot bot is open, click the Voice Pich Bot button to run the bot. Then click Microphone icon to create a voice memo directly. Say the message you want to deliver and click the button send.

How to change the voice of the voice memo in the Telegram

3. You don’t have to wait long after the voice memo is sent, the bot will immediately show you 10 voice filter options.

4. Select a sound filter and the bot will immediately display a voice note with the selected voice filter. In addition to having one sound filter, users can use all of the sound filters provided by the bot.

5. Click the icon share to share changed voice memos. Complete.

How to change the voice of the voice memo in the Telegram


There is no end to discussing bots owned by the Telegram application because there are so many of them. One of the advantages of the Voice Pich Bot is that users can mask their original voice or mask their voice when they have a throat problem.

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