How to change the text size of the message in the telegram

Telegram is a chat application dedicated to sending messages or messages Chat both individually and in groups. Telegram is an application Chat that can be used to create groups that can accommodate up to thousands of users. Telegram is usually used for general activities such as webinars, culgrams, marketing, Promotions, secret groups, etc. Telegram is used for large-scale purposes, though quite a bit for social media Chat personally.

Telegram is known for posts transfer News robots known as bots. The content of this robot message will vary, usually for business purposes or for recruiting.

Apparently this telegram application can set the text size for messages or messages Chat internally. For example, you have eye problems and cannot see the text that you have read from Chat your friend because of the content of the text Chat This is too small so you’ll need to resize the text content so that it can be seen by your eyes, or vice versa.

How to set the text size of the message in Telegram.


1. Go to the main menu icon – press the icon telegram.

2. Tap the symbol three lines which is at the top left.

3. For those of you who do Smartphone small screen please scroll first down. Then tap arrangement.

4. Tap Text size of the message.

5. Choose the text size from 12 to 30 according to your needs. Then please tap on DONE.

6. Here are the results.


Now you can use the Telegram application by setting the text size of the message or Chat yourself as you wish.

This is the tutorial on how to resize the message text in Telegram. Much luck.

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