How to change the text size in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome application is one of the web browser applications developed by Google for various devices (device) such as desktop, mobile phone, smart TV, etc. Chrome is a web browser application widely used by Internet users.

Chrome can be described as a “friendlier” web browser compared to other web browsers. Google Chrome takes advantage of R.A.M. that’s pretty much in order to make the connection or the speed of access to the virtual world faster, until now Google Chrome is still that Browser the best.

If you want to increase or decrease the size of the text on the page (page) in Google Chrome. The author will provide instructions on how to change the text size in Chrome on your computer or laptop so that you can easily read the text on the page.

How to change the text size on a Google Chrome pc / laptop.


1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your computer or laptop.

2. Click the three-dot icon in the right corner click settings. Wait a while for the ad settings it appears.

3. Please scroll or swipe down until you find the options section Font size.

4. In the Options section, click the option font size. Choose the text size according to your preference.

5. Watch the text size change on the page in Google Chrome.

6. Done.

Now you can change the text size in Google Chrome according to your wishes or needs in order to be able to read a text on a page comfortably or page you are visiting.

This is the tutorial on how to resize text on a Google Chrome PC or laptop. Much luck.

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