How to change the start screen in Windows 7

Windows 7 is a computer or laptop operating system developed by a well-known company called Microsoft that was founded by Bill Gates, Windows 7 is an advanced operating system of Windows Vista, which is Windows 7 and Vista in terms of systems and functions are not too far away. the only difference is the appearance which is completely different.

Windows 7 is the oldest operating system that Microsoft updated until the advent of Windows 8. Due to the long renewal process, indie developers tried to change something in Windows 7 by trying to modify or change some of the existing features in Windows 7 without losing the properties of Windows 7 itself.

One of the results of their hard work (the developers in the) is to create an application that can change the look Home screen Your Windows 7, which was originally just one Home screen which shows a typical icon or logo of Windows 7, now you can convert it to the image you want, here is the tutorial.


1. First download the application you want to use.

Download Windows 7 Boot Updater application

2. Then open the application you downloaded earlier.

3. In this section you can then use two options, namely using your own images or using a pre-made project. In this tutorial we will use a pre-built project.

4. You first download the project Home screen ready for use on the Internet, project files Home screen the right one is extension .bs7, or you can use one of the provided project.

Download Boot screen theme

5. When you have the project file Home screen Windows 7 then click in the application Menu file – load boot skin.

6. Then find the file you downloaded earlier and click Open minded.

7. If this topic is appropriate, click the button Use to install, or you can check the sample first by clicking the button Game.

8. When a warning appears as shown below, click OK.

9. Done.

A couple of tutorials on how to change it Home screen Hopefully useful in Windows 7.

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