How to change the shape of the mouse pointer in Windows

Windows 7 is an operating system from Windows that is currently still widely used and loved by the public. From use personally, small businesses, organizations, and large corporations.

In fact, there are still many big Windows 7 fans out there who don’t want to use itUpdate operating system to a higher version, for example Windows 8 or Windows 10. Even if the higher version offers more powerful advantages than the Windows 7 version.

Speaking of Windows, I’m sure you know the name cursor or pointer, cursor is an arrow that can be moved with Touchpad or you can use mouse, or more simply, is the image of the arrow that we first see when we turn on the laptop or PC.

But did you know that these pictures or arrows can be converted into other shapes? like horses and others, you can get project project files cursor free on the internet or use Window supply in the system, here is the tutorial.


1. Click on Start menu then continue to click on the menu Control panels.

2. Then you type in the search menu mouse, and click the button that says Mouse.

3. Then you click on tab pointerand you select a group cursor Window supply as you like, then click Use.

4. Done.

Remarks: This method is not that different from other versions of Windows, but the method of locating the Control Panel is different from Windows 7.

This is a tutorial on changing the shape of the mouse pointer in Windows, hopefully it will be useful.

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