How to change the search engine on iPhone Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser right now and is widely used by people to visit websites where Google Chrome was developed directly by the internet giant Google. Google Chrome has high speed and security, so Google Chrome is popular with many people. Chrome is also available on the iOS platform, which you can download for free from the App Store.

For those who prefer to use a search engine other than Google, one solution is to simply navigate to the alternate search engine website, but this approach is less convenient for a direct web search.

Chrome offers almost common features that other web browsers have, such as: B. Tabbed browsing, bookmark settings, search story and bookmarks built into iPhoto photo settings and more. But if you want Search engine What the Chrome app on iPhone is using is Google, you can change that.

from Originally, Search engine The Chrome app on the iPhone uses Google. So if you want to look in the Omnibar, then Search engine what is used is google to display search results. But did you know that Default search engine can it be replaced? How one? Here is the tutorial.


1. Open the Chrome app on the iPhone – tap on the three-point symbol in the lower right corner – tap on Settings.

2. Tap search engines – Select the search engine you want – tap on did.

If you have any difficulties, please comment in the comments column.

This is the tutorial on how to change the search engine on the Chrome iPhone, hopefully it will be useful.

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