How to change the search engine in the Android Edge browser

Microsoft is a technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide variety of computing-related products and services. Microsoft has also provided a browser or Browser that can be used by the world public.

Microsoft’s browser is Edge. While there aren’t as many Edge users as there are Google Chrome users, Edge still has fans. Are you an enthusiast or are you more of an Edge user?

If you are a user who surfs the Internet on a daily basis with the help of Edge, we take this opportunity to mention a trick how to change the search engine on the Internet. Browser Edge Android. Do you already know how If you don’t know, please read the tutorial below.


1. Please open Browser Edge installed on your Android phone.

2. Tap the three horizontal dots in the lower center.

3. Select a setting.

4. Select the default search engine.

5. Change Bing, the default search engine from Browser Edge becomes the search engine you want to use. In this tutorial, the selected search engine is Google.

6. Done.

Google Chrome is currently the most widely used browser by internet users around the world. Whether on a computer or mobile phone, Chrome is always the first choice. In fact, there are quite a few browsers around the world today, including Microsoft Edge.

Despite the unpopular name, Edge is very well worth using as this browser has several features that Chrome doesn’t, including the page layout feature and several other features.

This is a guide on how to turn on the search engine Browser Edge Android. Hope it’s useful.

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