How to change the search engine in Microsoft Edge

Edge, the standard browser of the Windows 10 operating system Browser is currently being developed by Microsoft. One of the great features of Edge is the change mechanism Search engine which is very different from Browser Miscellaneous. if Browser others have set the amount Search engine which can be selected by default, Edge prioritizes the option selection so users can increase or decrease the amount Search engine which can be used at any time.

In this article we are changing Search engine At Browser Edge on Windows 10.


1. Open it Browser Edge on Windows. We can open it by looking for related applications through Start or by typing. choose symbol Edge is available in the system tray.

2. Open it website classified as Search engine. In this article the author opens website Google to register it Search engine Edge.

3rd Open advanced options from Browser Edge by pressing symbol three dots in the top right of the app. Then, choose an option settings listed below in the continuation.

4. On side settings, choose an option Progressive that is in the navigation channel of settings.

5. On side Progressive, click button Change search provider what’s in the Address bar search.

6. Later, Search engine in which we want to enroll Browser Edge will be available. Then choose Search engine that we want to use by pressing stud Set as standard to set it as Search engine Standard from Edge.

Later comes every quest that comes from Address bar, will be forwarded to Search engine that we have hired.

This is a tutorial on how to change Search engine At Browser Edge on Windows 10. Hope this helps.

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