How to change the profile on Blogger

There are two options for Blogspot user profiles, namely user profiles via Blogger and user profiles via Google Plus. Of the two options already mentioned, user profiles via Google Plus are the most frequently used, as these are more popular.

There are many reasons why Google Plus is more popular than bloggers. One of them is that Google Plus can attract more readers because articles can be shared from blogs. In addition, Google Plus is also a social medium that has followers, so it can be used as a target or loyal reader of our blog.

But the popularity of Google Plus won’t be long in coming, as Google will officially discontinue Google Plus on May 2nd, 2022. And those of you who are currently using user profiles through Google Plus should switch to Blogger right away.

To switch from Google Plus to Blogger, you can follow the steps below.


1. Sign in to Blogger.

2. Select Settings – User Settings – General.

3. Select Blogger – Save Settings – switch to the Blogger profile.

4. The display name is displayed. Please enter the name you want – continue to Blogger.

5. The process is complete.

The news of the Google Plus shutdown itself isn’t all that surprising considering the news has been circulating since December 2022. Recently, Google also sent an email notification to users about the closure of Google Plus. In addition to the notification email, users also receive a deletion notification when they open a Google Plus account.

This is a guide on how to change user profiles on Blogger. Hope it’s useful.

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