How to change the Messenger theme and the Facebook silent feature

Tired of the chat view Chat in delivery boy? Or you don’t want to be bothered with Chat from a specific person. Well, just try out the theme feature to change the colors Chat You and the silent feature to turn off message notifications.

Facebook Messenger

Today you are familiar with many instant messaging applications. One of them is a messenger from Facebook. Yes, although this messenger is not as popular as other apps, it is still an app Chat Selection. Not again delivery boy still a body with facebook. Surely everyone already knows and uses Facebook. So advantages delivery boy Not only is it integrated into the Facebook friends list, but it also offers many functions, including the topic function (chat, Chat) and the silent function. What and how does it work?

Chat chat topic

For those who use frequently delivery boy Of course, you know the display that is shown in the application delivery boy. Appearance original the application is certainly very boring. But Facebook understands that they are adding a theme feature that can be applied to chats Chat do Chat More fun.

Silent function

Not much different from other messaging apps, delivery boy also has a notification when a message arrives. But there are times when you don’t need to be bothered by annoying notifications. It could be that you are lazy with certain people, Facebook has prepared a function to mute incoming messages. Especially when the message isn’t important. Now you can try using the silent feature to turn off the chat that you think is unnecessary.

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Video tutorials


1. Make sure you have updated the application delivery boy The latest version. Then just open the application. How to change the chat topic Chat your friends can enter right away and choose one Chat Friend. Then you Tap the icon i in the upper right corner to get to the next menu.

How to change Messenger Theme and Facebook Silent Function

2. Go on Tap on the menu topic, then you have several topics to choose from.

How to change Messenger Theme and Facebook Silent Function

3. To mute or disable chat notifications from friends. You then just go back to the Messenger home screen Tap and keep in touch Chat Friends until another menu appears. Tap for mute notifications then select the duration for how many minutes or hours the friend’s message notifications are not displayed.

How to change Messenger Theme and Facebook Silent Function


By maximizing the functionality in the application delivery boy of course activities Chat Using it will be more fun. Much luck !

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