How to change the Mac address on a PC or laptop

Hello this is the first CupAcuP article, I hope the knowledge I am sharing can be useful. This time, CupAcuP would like to tell you how to change the Mac address on your laptop or PC. In my experience, I wanted to create multiple Instagram accounts for a specific purpose, but when I registered my 30th account, all of a sudden I was unable to register an account.

Well this is the solution, replace your Mac address with a new one. Uh, but do you already know what a mac address is? so simpleThe Mac address is the address of a unique connection and becomes the identity of every device. Which tools are needed? only one software why not Technitium Mac address changer.


Download TMac

User-only tutorial for Windows operating systems

Download At shortcut which I have given above. If it’s already open, click the button download.

This is execution newest, so direct click download only.

If it is already download, install TMac and wait for it to finish.


1. Open the TMac you have To install, and a screen like the following appears.

2. Next, select the connection you are currently using. There are several connection options in the table. Select the connection you are using.

3. When you have followed the steps above, the next step is click Random Mac address“.

So the function of the button is to randomly assign a new Mac address that is the Mac address of our device.

4. And the final step is click Change now!

If you now see the notification, your Mac address has changed. Just use it according to your needs. Use it with a good cause, yes if someone misuses it, it is not CupAcuP’s responsibility. I only share knowledge, good or bad, it’s up to you to decide.

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