How to change the look and feel of WhatsApp like Instagram on Android

WhatsApp application is gaining popularity and is used by many people. Unfortunately, the look and feel of WhatsApp hasn’t changed much since its inception until now. So that you don’t get bored with the general look and feel of WhatsApp, you can try changing it to look like Instagram. How one? Check out the following article.

Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? Yes, WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that we can also use to send pictures, audio and other files. If you don’t want to be left behind by other social media applications like WhatsApp, develop the application further and add new features.

It is therefore not surprising that our activities are currently mainly spent on WhatsApp. However, it is not uncommon for those who are bored with the appearance of WhatsApp original that’s all. While many similar applications are able to provide a better viewing experience through themes. But you don’t have to worry because the Android system Open source We can change the look of WhatsApp much like Instagram. Here are the easy steps.

Video tutorials:


1. Download and To install first the Delta GBWhatsApp application.

2. Open the Delta GBWhatsApp application. then Tap Agree to the menu and continue then enter the mobile number to log into the WhatsApp account.

3rd Tap 3 dots in the right corner and then select the Delta GB WhatsApp menu.

4. Select menu Home user interface choose again next Homestyle.

5. Tap menu Standard home page (WhatsApp share) then Re-login to your WhatsApp account. If successful we will see the menu story already resembles Instagram.

So the tutorial on how to change the look of WhatsApp like Instagram on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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