How to change the look and feel of a desktop version of a website on Android

Google is a search engine (Search engines) which is very popular in the world. Almost all internet users in different parts of the world use the Google application as their internet application. The main reason Google is so popular is because of the ease of access and the features that are available to it. In addition, functions and applications that are still in Google’s domain are also well synchronized with one another, such as: B. Gmail and Google Drive.

The Google application is also available on a variety of devices, both PCs and mobile devices Cell phone, mobile phone. But of course the existing Google display menu looks a little different on this type of device. Like the Google display, for example Smartphone always looks easier. Google display currently available in Smartphone changeable in the form of a PC display (version Desktops).

This time, the author is going to share a simple trick on how to change the look and feel from Google on Android to the Google version Desktop. The steps are shown below:

1. Open the Google Chrome app Smartphone.

2. After entering the main search menu, select the “three dots” logo in the upper right corner.

3. Then on the menu Desktop site, Select check.

4. As for the changes, the results can be viewed as follows.

This is a tutorial on changing the look and feel of the desktop version of the website on Android. Hope it’s useful

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