How to change the image background with Photoshop

Who doesn’t know the name Awkarin? For IG or users Instagram must know the name Awkarin, namely fame Instagram. Recently the Awkarin celeb was busy talking about the photos he uploaded Instagram that’s through change background the photo. Until there are finally many who want to make it, but many don’t know how. It’s very easy even with the photo editing application provided for Android, but the results will be more satisfactory if you use Photoshop. For users Instagram If you want to try it out, here is a tutorial using the Photoshop application:

The first step :

Open the Photoshop application and enter the photo you want to replace background-his.

Second step:

Select part background through the use Pen tool or Quick selection toolwhichever is easier to use.

Third step :

Disadvantage background is selected, then delete the section background it by using Delete tool.

Fourth step:

Search or Download background ala Awkarin in Google that have been provided, then choose the one you want to use

like the example background the following:

Then enter it into Photoshop and combine it with the photo that has the background removed

Fifth step:

Set position background After it feels right, move the layer background below model photo

Sixth step:

Then adjust the brightness by selecting Create a new fill or adjustment layer then choose Brightness contrast, set the value to match the picture.

Seventh step:

Arrange too level Image with selection Create a new fill or adjustment layer and choose level, also adjust the value.

Eighth step:

Here is the photo of the model with background looks together, but if it feels less fused or the color of the model photo with the background does not match can be added via the settings Color balance

And done background We managed to take a picture of Awkarin’s celebrity style.

Here are the results:

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