How to change the Google search widget on mobile devices

Often bored when I see the sleek look of Google Search widget on the screen Smartphone You? Have you ever thought of customizing it? It turns out Google search widget in fact, we can change the look. How you do that?

Google and the Internet

Who doesn’t know Google? The internet world seems to be controlled by Google today. Every day internet users have to be associated with the name Google. Yes, this search engine giant has thousands of pieces of data and information that many people need on the internet every day. For this reason, most smartphone providers integrate Widget Google seek on the main screen. Yes, although not all, but most use cell phones in general Google search widget on the main screen.

Not just to find information or just for fun. Google search embedded in our smartphone has more functions. There are also interesting features like reminders and it’s built into too Google Assistant. We can get a lot of things from just one widget.

Google search widget

As we know, usually Google search widget Original elongated box or ellipse extended with paint background White. Perhaps many of you are thinking, can you customize it yourself, or at least change the color? Well it turns out Google search widget also equipped with these functions.

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We have the option to change the look of the search bar so it doesn’t get boring. So how can you change it?

Video tutorials


1. Tap G or Google icon Search widget that exist in Smartphone We. Next Tap menu miscellaneous then select menu Customize widget.

How to change the google search widget on phone

2 seconds, tap the G icon Select symbol can only use the letter G or. Show Google text.

How to change the google search widget on phone

3. Third, choose Symbol shape Select shape from Search widget, there are 3 options that you can use.

How to change the google search widget on phone

4. Fourth, use the menu palette Color to set the color Search widget according to your expectations.

How to change the google search widget on phone

5. Fifth, Tap Slide the menu on the far right to adjust the transparency Slider what appears on the left to make it transparent, on the right to make it fixed. When you feel like it’s all Tap Finish at the top.

How to change the google search widget on phone


To reduce boredom with the original look or color Google search, you can use the above method. Combined with theme colors and also Wallpaper the one on the right makes the ad Home screen you are becoming more and more attractive.

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