How to change the color of the sky in Photoshop in life

Great photos don’t always require expensive equipment or a great location, even with just a camera Smartphone and good photos can also be easily taken in ordinary places, with help, of course Editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

One way to beautify your photos is to edit the sky in your photo to give it a cloud texture with a blue sky color to make the photo look more vivid. Manipulating the sky in photos is the application of basic techniques in editing. The principle is the same as for editing background in the photo, but in this case only the sky is manipulated, not all parts the background.

Below is a tutorial on how to photo manipulate the sky to bring Photoshop to life that you can apply to your photos.


1. The first time you need to prepare the material, namely the photo you want to edit and also background cloud, which you can get from the image provider’s website.

2. Open the photo in Photoshop, then in the section “Background” layers to do duplicate by pressing CTRL + J then it will arise “Layer 1”.

3. Next, open the cloud image you prepared. Press CTRL + A to select all past photos CTRL + C to copy the photo and finally back to the first photo press CTRL + V It will be displayed to see the results of the copy layers new is “Layer 2 “.

4. Adjust the size of the sky in your photo by pressing CTRL + T , make up background it’s proportional to your photo if you have Press enter.

5. A layers the new click Add a layer mask as shown in the following picture.

6. In the section Tools, Select Gradient tool or can with Pressing “G” At Keyboards, make sure that Foreground color The top layer is black and the bottom layer is white.

7. Do it mask Gradation with click below background Heaven and pull it up as shown in the following picture. This stage isn’t the same for every photo, so it has to be Trial and error to get perfect results.

8. If so, you get the result, namely the borderline between background the sky with the first photo in gradations like this one.

9. Perfect the gradation that still interferes with use Brush tool by pressing “B” At keyboard, to adjust opacity to 50-70% and brush the part that you want to improve.

10. Then reactivate Thumbnail layers from layers 2 with click Thumbnail layers.

11. How to customize the color background Make some adjustments with the color of the original photo. The first is the brightness and contrast with click image setting Brightness contrast Customize the settings with real photos by changing existing parameters.

12. If so, make the settings Color balance with click image setting Color balance Change the settings and playback parameters to match the real photo.

13. The final step is with. create a blur effect on the photo click filter Gaussian blur Change the parameters as described below or adjust them with the photo.

14. Done, you just need to save the photo.

This is a tutorial on changing the color of the sky to be more vivid with Photoshop. I hope it’s useful.

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