How to change the color of objects in photos in PicsArt

Do you want your photos to come alive? Come on, see how you can change the color of your photo subject to make it look more attractive.

Photo color

For those of us who are generally not reliable photographers, the photos we take are often found to be unsatisfactory. Be it in terms of brightness, backgroundthe object or other things that are important to the photo.

One and the most striking is the color composition of the photos we took. For example, if we photographed a landscape or something else, the object is good, but sometimes the color is background it still doesn’t feel good.

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Now you don’t have to worry, it’s very easy to use. Especially now that the technology has become more sophisticated, with a little touch from the application editing what is on Smartphone, we can maximize the photos we took to be more interesting. We can adjust the color of the photo object so that the results don’t disappoint.

Images Art

In order to combine good colors, of course, we also need applications that have sufficient functions, such as PicsArt. use editing this one is indeed very well known in its field when it comes to editing you could say that PicsArt is not inferior either software this is due to the computer. It’s good that you can do that editing anywhere, anytime and easily in hand.


1. Open your respective PicsArt application, if you don’t have it, download it here first.

2. Tap the plus symbol to start editing, then select the image you want to edit. When you have called up the user menuto edit Tap menu FX or effect.

How to change the color of objects in photos in PicsArt

3. In the Effects menu, select the Color menu again, next Tap on effect substitute. Tap Plus symbol Then, point the large circle at the area where you want to change the color. To change the color, all you have to do is swipe Slider on the menu Change color, Minimum color, Maximum color. You can also Tap the plus symbol again to add other color combinations and if you have Tap the checklist at the top.

How to change the color of objects in photos in PicsArt

4. More or less the result as above and to save it Tap the download icon what’s on the menu bar above.

How to change the color of objects in photos in PicsArt


Good with Tutorials above you can liven up or maximize the results of your photos. What used to be normal is now more interesting and colorful.

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