How to change the APN XL 4G for faster internet

Indonesia is a country with a very complex geological structure, starting with many islands, mountains, trees, valleys and much more. This is one of the reasons why Internet connections are difficult to develop in Indonesia, as in other neighboring countries. As a result, there are often delays, slowdowns, and even disruptions in the internet connection that you have. But don’t worry guys, because you can outsmart it, one way is over Reset APN on your smartphone or modem.

APNs (Access point name) is a gate or a bridge that connects your internet connection to the public internet. APN often affects your internet speed, even in some cases entering the APN incorrectly can interrupt your internet connection. This time we are going to show you how to set the APN for XL 4G operators so that your internet is smoother and without delay.

List of the fastest 4G XL APNs

  • APN XL 4G
    Name: 4G XL (or can be written as you wish)
    Ports: 80
    Username: –
    Passwords: –

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Previously, you had to enter the APN settings on the smartphone. If you don’t know how, please do the following:

1. Go to Settings and select SIM card & cellular network

How to change APN XL 4G for faster internet

2. Select the SIM slot filled with the XL card

How to change APN XL 4G for faster internet

3. Select the access point name (APN)

How to change APN XL 4G for faster internet

4. Then select New APN below. After that, fill in the APN settings according to the 4G APN list above.

How to change APN XL 4G for faster internet


How to change the APN XL 4G, the APN settings of other operators will be made in the future. Hopefully this tutorial will be useful for those of you who are having issues with lag and lag, especially XL card users in Indonesia.

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