How to change the Android notification display to like the iPhone

Technology also goes by with time. Like a cell phone, for example. Mobile phone that used to only have one function of communicating via voice messages and telephones, but now has many functions and has its own name, namely Smartphone or smartphone.

True to its name, Smartphone what is really “Clever”. With the sophistication that comes in Smartphone, we can do different things. Such as changing the appearance of the notification bar.

Currently various changes to Smartphone Like an iPhone display, our Android is no longer impossible. Many software or supporting applications that can beautify the look of our Android, like Smartphone iPhone or Apple.

Well, on this occasion the author will give a short tutorial How to change the look and feel of Android notifications on iPhone. If you are interested, you can see it in the tutorial below.

How to change the Android notification display

1. Download Edge Mask app in the Google Play Store.

2. After in download, open the application and wait until Loadingit is finished.

3. The first time you open the application, you will receive a notification like the one below. Select settings.

4. Check or counter Button to enable the accessibility of this app for your Android.

5. Select characters Arrow ( -) to change the appearance of the notification.

6th Scroll or swipe down a little and find the menu like the picture.

Select menu Apple Message style to change the notification display like on iPhone

7. In addition to changing it, you can change it by adding various effects lighting.

You just click on the button Effects menu to activate it.

8. Now Android notification bar you changed to be cooler

With addition Lighting effects on the side of the phone will be more visible cool.

9. Done.

How does it look cooler right?

So many tutorials How to change the display of Android notifications on iPhone that the author shared with you. If you have any questions about this item, please feel free to leave a comment below. Hope it’s useful.

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