How to change the account password code on Steam

Steam is one of the software or platform which focuses on the gaming aspect where there are many sales of different types of pc / computer based games. Some of the games that are known and are currently being played are in part from platform Steam. Some of these games range from DOTA 2, CSGO to themed games Battle Royale like PUBG. In fact, of the many games on offer, some are free (play for free) and some get paid.

Aside from the game’s good number and quality, Steam also has a wide variety of cosmetic items that can aid the game. For example in the game DOTA 2, where many cosmetic items can be offered and traded. In addition to the Steam account, we often fill it with different types of games bonus which of course has a price that is not exactly cheap and can only be bought at Save steam.

The types of expensive games we have and rare cosmetic items often make our accounts a target for Steam account hackers. This is because the rare items and games we have can be seen if someone checks the section inventory from our account. Therefore, we need to protect the existing Steam account with a security system Passwords, of course, the code should be changed regularly.

This time the author is going to share a tutorial on how to change the code password Your Steam account. The steps can be seen as follows:

1. Open the Steam application on your PC or laptop.

2. From the menu home page, select the tab steam then choose the settings.

3. Continue to the settings the settings, Select Accounts. Then choose Change passwords.

4. Then select the upper dialog box (see picture).

5. Enter the Steam Guard code you received (you can get the Steam Guard code in the Steam application on your smartphone). click continue.

6. Then select the dialog box at the top (as shown).

7. Enter the verification code you received from your Link email account. Then click continue.

8. Enter the new password code in the dialog box that appears. When you click Change passwords.

This is the tutorial for changing the code password on your Steam account. Hope it’s useful.

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