How to change Telegram ringtones on Android

Every app Chat must have a ringtone that is used to remind something of what is happening to the currently active application, either directly or indirectly background or service. Suppose there is a messenger application with a ringtone that reminds you of an incoming message so that you can see the incoming message in it Smartphones.

Telegram is a chat application dedicated to sending messages or messages Chat both individually and in groups. Telegram is an application Chat who can create groups that can hold up to thousands of users. Telegram is usually used for general activities such as webinars, culgrams, marketing, Promotions, secret groups, etc. Telegram is used for large-scale purposes, though quite a bit for social media Chat personally.

You can change the ringtone in the Telegram application to Smartphone according to your requirements. So that you can comfortably hear the sound in your ears when a message notification hits your Telegram application. The author is going to give a tutorial on how to change Telegram ringtones on Android.


1. Go to the main menu icon – press the icon telegram.

2. Tap the symbol three lines which is at the top left.

3. For those of you who Smartphone small screen please scroll first down. Then tap arrangement.

4. Tap Notifications and sounds.

5. Tap Voice.

6. You can choose between internal or external music storage media. If you select Internal (media storage), you can select a ringtone from the standard telegram. In the meantime, if you choose external (a third-party application), you can choose the ringtone in the application.

7. Choose a ringtone according to your needs. Then click OK.

8. Here are the results.


Now you can change or change the ringtone yourself in Telegram so that you can hear the ringtone properly when there is an incoming message notification.

This is the tutorial on how to change the Telegram ringtone on Android. Much luck.

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