How to change shirt color on photos on Android

Change or to edit is a common thing that is already contained in this one language. One of them is what the author will share, namely: to edit Color photos of clothing themselves, especially in the form of photos on our own Android phones.

With the photo editing feature, we will surely be very happy when changing, especially when changing photos. Also, this time we will edit our own clothes with the colors we want without changing the original clothes, but just a little to edit it changes the color of the shirt.

Very simple steps, of course to edit The photo is of course the Android application which this time has a lot of cool and complete features including: change brightness, change description, effects and many other functions. As? Are you curious, what’s going on? to edit the color of the dress in the photo itself. Immediately let’s read the following tutorial on how to do it to edit custom photo clothing color on android phone.

Video tutorials


1. Make sure you have To install PicsayPro app in the Play Store, if available To install You just open the application.

2. Next we will be automatically redirected to the first page of Picsay Pro, so just choose Get a picture then click Import and select the photo you want to change the color of the shirt you want in your gallery.

3. Next, we will be automatically redirected to the photo viewing page you entered, so you simply select the menu Adjust.

4. If so, scroll down and find and select the menu Color mask / selection then click.

5. If so, just keep going Click on the icon Circle above, when clicked, it will turn green. Next, let’s just buff it onto the clothes, when we finish buffing the clothes, just click the green arrow icon in the top right corner.

6. We are automatically redirected to the menu effect, then we just select the menu Adjust RGB.

7. Now it is almost done, here we just specify the color by clicking on the three colors above, namely the red, green and blue. Then you can adjust the color as you like by playing contrast below.

If so, just click the green check mark in the top right corner.

8. Done.

That’s the tutorial like to edit the color of the clothes in the photo itself on the Android phone, hopefully it will be useful.

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