How to change several words / sentences at the same time in Word 2022

Microsoft Word is the most widely used application for writing. Many documents are created with Microsoft Word, such as invitations, official letters, articles, magazines, theses, and much more. This standard Microsoft application has many menus that can help users write better. In addition, this application also has a display that is easy to learn and use. This allows users to feel comfortable while writing.

There are many types of Microsoft Word, for example: Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word 2022, Microsoft Word 2022, and the latest version 2022. In Indonesia, the types are still common and widely used , Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 and 2022. Changes in each new version usually only add the menu and functions. Not much has changed in the look and theme of this app.

Sometimes errors occur when entering words in MS Word. This could be because we didn’t know the correct spelling or we spelled it wrong. To overcome such cases, MS Word offers an option that allows you to replace all the wrong words or phrases at once without having to replace them one by one. In this article, the author will introduce an easy way to replace many words or phrases at once in Word 2022.


1. Access the Microsoft Word application, create a new document, or open an existing document.

2. Select menu Substitute at the top right of the MS Word screen.

3. You will find the table Search and replace which is displayed automatically.

4. Fill in the column Find something to find the word or phrase you want to replace.

5. Next fill in the fields Replace with with a new word or phrase.

6. Click on Replace everything to replace any selected word or phrase.

7. Done.

This makes it easy for you to replace many words or phrases at once in Word 2022. Much luck.

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