How to change Opera News language on Android

In order to be able to access the Internet, we of course need a browser or web browser. There are tons of browsers to choose from, whether they are desktop or Android based. One of the most popular web browsers is Opera. This web browser was created by Opera Software based in Oslo, Norway.

Opera is known to have a lot of useful features, and Opera features are often taken over by other browsers. Despite its many advantages, Opera has only a small share of the global computer browser market. However, Opera is gaining a larger share of the market on mobile devices. About 120 million cell phones have been marketed with the Opera browser.

Opera not only focuses on functionality completeness, but is also designed for users with visual or motor impairments. Data protection and security are also important concerns for Opera.

Opera not only acts as a search engine, it also offers news functions. But often, due to incorrect settings, Opera will present messages that do not match our location and language. Hence, we are going to disable the messaging feature in Opera.

Fixing location and language issues in Opera isn’t difficult. How one? Let’s get started right away, find your Android device, and follow the simple steps below.


1. Open the Opera app on your Android device.

2. The message column still contains messages in English. To change it, click the ‘iconOpera“In the lower left corner.

3. Find and tap ‘arrangement‘.

4. Tap the column ‘news‘.

5. Here some settings appear, select ‘Region and Language‘.

6. Select region and language ‘Indonesia‘.

7. Done. Look again in the news column, and the news column is in Indonesian.

That is the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to change the Opera News language on Android’. Much luck.

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