How to Change Latest Facebook Username 2022

Username or the usual username used Game information or Play data in user data information, for example in a database, there is a collection of columns in the user table that contain name, e-mail, Usernames, passwords, Date of birth and others. In addition to e-mail, you can also use e-mail to distinguish one user from another Username or username, because if you use a name, it is possible that there are 2 people with the same name in the database.

This username system is also used by the social media Facebook, where you can get a username on Facebook when you visit someone else’s Facebook account, and on Facebook. Url in Address bar Your browser will display text like where is the word xxxx is the username of your Facebook account. To avoid a new user logging into Facebook, the system uses a random number as a temporary username, but you can also change the username however you like, here is the tutorial.


1. Make sure you have Sign up to your Facebook account, then go to settings by clicking the button Etc then click the button again the settings.

2. Then you see many possibilities Submenu, you click on Submenu General and some information like name, email, username, degree and others will appear, click on the text to edit by doing Username.

3. When you change your clothes for the first time Username your Facebook account, then the available text field will only contain numbers, you can change it as you wish, but before you click the button save Changes, You have to wait for a check mark to appear to the right of the column of text, if the image is crossed, you have to change it Username you because Usernameit has been used by someone else, if it is highlighted click the button Save Changes.

4. Done.

Note: if you ever change Username usually your previous Facebook account Username You cannot switch if it has not been 3 months at the time of the change Username You, for example, in this case we change Username Your Facebook account in May, to be able to change again, you will have to wait until approximately May or May, and your Facebook account can be returned to change the username.

If the above information does not match your experience, then in the author’s experience you will have to wait 1 year or at least not log into your Facebook account for as long as possible.

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