How to change eye color in photos using PicsArt

The existence of social media today often forces users to think more creatively. Creative to display unique and cool photos and videos. Speaking of taking unique and cool photos, I think the PicsArt application can help.

The PicsArt application is one of the applications editing best photo. In addition to being lightweight, the PicsArt application is very easy to use and offers unique and cool photo editing results. The features available in the PicsArt application are pretty complete as well.

Besides the ability to change the background and create animations. PicsArt can also change the physical shape of objects, e.g. B. change hair color, change eye color and much more. However, this time are we going to try to change the eye color? How one? Let’s do some simple steps below:


1. Open the PicsArt app in Smartphone She.

2. Select ‘To edit‘- Find the photo you want to edit – click on’Add to‘.

3. The first step in changing eye color is to select ‘image‘.

4. Select the eye color by clicking on ‘colour‘- choose color – click tick.

5. Click the ‘painting‘- Specify the size – click the check mark.

6. Start coloring the eyeball.

7. Gently paint the eyeball until it resembles a donut. Oh yes, don’t paint the pupil of the eye, but be black.

8. For natural looking eyes, choose ‘layer‘- Change setting from’normal‘ Will ‘layer‘.

The result is as follows:

9. To decrease the sharpness of the eye color, you can reduce it by selecting ‘layer‘- Decrease the blur value.

10. Close the level and click the check mark.

11. Click the arrow icon and you are done. Now your photo is ready for share to social media.

It’s that simple, isn’t it. This is the tutorial ‘How to Change Eye Color in PicsArt’. Much luck.

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