How to change Emoji variants and WhatsApp Android menu icons

Chat Having fun with WhatsApp is really fun. Especially when we can manipulate the display in WhatsApp, it will of course be even more exciting. For this, Inwepo will share the trick on how to change the emoji variant in this article. symbol Menus and notifications get cooler right from within the application.

Popular reasons for WhatsApp

Why is WhatsApp so popular right now? Maybe everyone already knows the answer. Yes, the ease of use makes a lot of people fall in love with WhatsApp. Not only young people, also parents sometimes have no problems with WhatsApp.

We only have to exchange cell phone numbers and can then send short messages, voice or video calls directly via WhatsApp. It is also most convenient to add functions to WhatsApp by third-party providers developer.

Functions on WhatsApp

Like functions story for example WhatsApp Business and many others. Even so, the original WhatsApp is still considered too boring for some people. Because the look that is less can be modified, also known as the standards. Therefore, many are working on making WhatsApp look attractive. One of them changes the shape of the emoji and changes that too symbol Menus and notifications.

Well, if you are a user who loves tinkering with WhatsApp. Come on let’s see Tutorials below completely.

Video tutorials


1. In the first step, make sure you already have the FM Whatsapp application. If not, please download it here first. Then don’t forget to log into your WhatsApp account as usual.

2. Second step, Tap 3 dots in the top right corner then Tap Fouad Mods menu.

3. In the third step, select the General menu and then the Style (Look and Feel) menu.

4. Step four to change the shape of the variant emoji Tap about the options available. Don’t forget to download it first Tap symbol download the little one on the right.

5. The fifth step to replace symbol menu Tap Launcher icon, and then select the icon shape you want to use.

6. The sixth step to change symbol Notifications are the same, go ahead Tap Change the notification icon, then choose which one you want to use.

That’s all for Tutorials this time. Don’t forget to always check out other interesting articles. Hopefully useful and if you run into any difficulty you can see it right away Tutorialsit’s on Inwepo’s Youtube channel.

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