How to change chat background / wallpaper on LINE Android

The LINE application is one of the most popular social media based applications Chat which is still popular today and has a large number of users (User) big in many parts of the world. Similar to the Whatsapp application, the LINE application also offers the convenience of virtually communicating with other people. With this level of convenience, it is not surprising that this application is preferred by almost every user.

In addition, the LINE application has various functions and facilities that are fairly complete and sufficient. A few interesting features like themes and stickers are enough to give the application its own color. One of the interesting features discussed here is the function Chat backgrounds. The existence of this function allows us to change the picture Chat backgrounds according to the wishes.

This time the author will give tips or ways to replace it Chat backgrounds included in LINE Android. The steps to do this are shown below:

1. Open the LINE app Smartphone She.

2. Select the settings logo in the upper right corner. After entering the settings menu, scroll Picture down.

3. Select settings Chat, then choose Chat backgrounds.

4. Choose Select background image. Then select the desired background image. When it is selected, press choose.

Remarks: Apart from the choice Wallpaper from templates provided by LINE, you can also choose Wallpaper from photos or image files on the device Smartphone She.

5. The end result can be seen as shown below.

Here is a guide on how to replace it Chat backgrounds / backgrounds on LINE-Android. Much luck.

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