How to change characters in games between us

When playing a game, players generally want to be different from other players. Whether it’s changing the character’s appearance or adding various accessories to the character’s appearance. In general, the game already offers the possibility to change the appearance of the character, both free and paid depending on the level.

Between us

Who doesn’t know Among Us? Yes, the game currently going viral has millions of players from all over the world. So don’t be surprised if players compete to modify their characters to be cooler and have a more unique look compared to other player characters.

Custom character

Like other games, Among Us also offers customization features. There are four categories in the customization feature, which are color, hat, skin, and pet. Players who play Among Us games on PC can access colors, skins and hats for free. However, players who play Among Us on their mobile phones can only access the color and hat functions for free and have to pay for the skin. Both PC and HP players will still have to pay for the pet feature.

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The price of each of the game’s customization features from Among Us also varies, starting at Rp. 15 thousand to Rp. 44 thousand. In addition, the Among Us game also offers multiple packs that include multiple customization items at a lower price.


1. First, download and install the Among Us game from the Play Store. Just open the game to start playing.

2. Start a game, whether it is a public or private game. Then the characters of the players gather in a room with several chairs, several boxes and a laptop. Here the players wait for other players to come before the actual game begins.

3. To change the appearance of the player character, click the button Adjust that has a laptop icon. However, this button changes to Use with an inverted triangle symbol when this feature is being used by another player.

How to change characters in the game among us

4. Click on colour to change the appearance of the character’s color.

How to change characters in the game among us

5. Click Features cap to change the appearance of the hat worn by the character.

How to change characters in the game among us

6. Do the same for your skin and pet.

Done, now Among Us players can get a cooler and more unique character look.


Looking attractive for any game character is one thing that needs to be done. With different categories of customization in the game among us, you can make the character’s appearance cooler and more unique.

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