How to change application and folder icons on a laptop / PC

symbol also called symbol is one of the identifiers of every application that is on our laptops or PCs. On this occasion, the author will share tutorials or tips on how to change application icons or folders on a laptop / PC. Well, without further ado, let’s go through the steps below.

How to change application and folder icons on a laptop / pc.


1. Please select the target icon or folder in which you want to change the image. For example, I want to change my folder picture to my own photo. The way you change your photo type from PNG or JPG to ICO first can be changed on the website. Then just upload the photo you want.

Select Choose files and select the image you want to convert to an ICO file.

2. After changing the PNG or JPG file in ICO, just change the folder you want to change the folder image to. For example, I want to convert an image from my folder into my own photo.

The view before the folder image is changed

3. Right-click the folder where you want to change the picture, then select Properties – Customize – Change Icon – Browse. on Search Here you just select the location of your photo that has been converted into an ICO and then click Open – OK – Apply. And see that your folder picture has changed.

The view after the folder picture has been changed

A couple of tutorials on how to change it symbol Applications and folders on laptop / PC. Hope it’s useful.

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