How to Change Android Status Bar Like iPhone

iPhone has a display status bar This is very interesting and it sets it apart from Android. With the dial in the middle and the punctiform signal, it looks unique. As Android users, we can also change the look status bar like the iPhone.

From the status bar display, animation effects, functions to the design, it looks very charming. So don’t be surprised if the iPhone hits the market at a pretty fantastic price tag. However, this is not a problem for green robot users.

Since the system is easy to modify, we can also easily change the look of our Android like that of the iPhone. How to change the appearance of the Android status bar for all non-root Android users like an iPhone:

Video tutorials:

The first step, then go to the Play Store download and install the iNoty OS 14 application.

Second step, open the iNotify app (iNoty OS 14), then Tap Turn notifications on / off.

Third step, then enter notification access, then select iNotify and Tap enable.

fourth step, back to the menu screen homee Choose Settings, then choose Installed Apps again.

Fifth step, find and select iNotify next Tap on other permissions.

Sixth step, Tap Store window Pop up then Tap Accept in the menu Pop up emerging.

Seventh step, then open the iNotify app again Tap Color Status Bar to change the color of your status bar.

Eighth step, Tap Clock Formatt to change the hour format to 12 hours or 24 hours.

Complete. Much luck.

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