How to change administrator access rights to LINE @ Official

For official LINE @ users, it turns out that LINE @ has a function to grant administrator access rights to LINE @ Official.

LINE @ Official is a social media application used to manage business and organizational needs. One of the best ways to promote your business is with LINE @ after Facebook and Instagram. Why? because Indonesia is currently the third largest LINE user in the world.

LINE released the line @ application to make it easier for users to create official accounts on LINE. Anyone using LINE can easily create an official account with LINE and even create more than 1 for free. The benefits of creating an official LINE account can be used to promote our community, business, and more.

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One of the additional features of LINE @ is that it can add more than 2 administrators and give each administrator who is logged in certain access rights.invite.


1. Open LINE @ in the browser

2. Sign in to your official LINE @ account.

3. Enter the Settings menu – Select Manage User Permissions.

4. Select the type of administrative staff that you want to change or replace.

5. Then select the start URL.

6. Send the URL to the LINE user who wants to become the administrator to review.



• To add users Sign up With the new one, the user to be added must access the URL for verification in order to access our official line @ account.

• URLs are only valid for 4 hours after their publication and can only be used once. In order to add them, the next administrator has to create a new URL again.

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