How to change a Word document in Google Chrome

Office applications that are very well known so far are Microsoft Office, besides Microsoft Office, it turns out that there are many Office applications that you can get for free and legally, such as: B. WPS Office (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows) and Google Office (Google Chrome). renewal).

Of the Microsoft Office and WPS Office applications, you need to install these applications on your PC and the average size of the two is quite large, but for those of you who want to use light and simple Office applications, you can use Google Office , designed as an extension. Google Chrome is 30 MB in size and can be accessed online offline, here is the tutorial.


1. Visit the website first Chrome extensions Office editing for docs, tables and presentations.

2. Then you click on the button Add to Chrome.

3. When you see a notification like the one below, just click on it Add extensions.

4. Then it will appear renewal in the top right corner, then click the / button symbol Google Office and 3 options will be displayed, namely Excel, Powerpoint and Word, please select one.

5. Then you will be redirected to a new page for example as shown below word documents, there is no button to save, but you need to enter at least 1 letter on the worksheet first to see the button to save like in the picture below.

6. Click the button to save if you want to save it.

7. Done.

Remarks: You can access this Google Office directly offline in your Google Chrome application, although the functions provided are not comparable to Microsoft Office, the functions in Google Office are sufficient for document creation and simple presentations.

This is a tutorial on how to modify a Word document in Google Chrome. Much luck.

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