How to calculate the average score in Google Sheets Android

The author will provide a tutorial on how to calculate the average value in Google Sheets Android. The Average function is a function that is used to find the average value of a data set in a specific time period or group of data so that you can average the results of processing numbers such as maps every semester with Google Spreadsheets installed Smartphone Android.


1. Open the main menu Smartphone your android.

2. Open the Google Sheets app. If you don’t have the Google Sheets app installed on your Android, you can install the Google Sheets app from the Play Store.

3. Press the Float “+” key to create new Google Sheet data or to open existing Google Sheet data.

4. Perform the assessment component that you planned when you determined the average score. After that, place a blank column of cells to calculate the mean and press the function icon (fx).

5. Press All.

6. Select AVERAGE.

7. The block of rating components that is calculated for the average rating. Then press the green tick symbol.

8. Here are the results.


Now you can calculate the average value from the results of the number crunching that you create with the help of Google Sheets, e.g. Smartphone Android, so you no longer have to open a computer (PC) or laptop. When you create a spreadsheet using a Google Cloud cloud system, you don’t have to worry about losing your spreadsheet data.

How to calculate the average value in Google Sheets Android. Much luck.

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