How to Bypass FRP and Latest Android Pattern Lock Screen

Have you ever forgotten your password? or find a locked Android smartphone? but confused that I can’t open it because I forgot or didn’t know the lock pattern, password, or google email. then try using the google search engine to find a way to open it.

Currently, Google’s Android smartphones are equipped with security features such as FRP and screen lock patterns that make it impossible for users to access them if the user does not know the password even if the mobile phone or smartphone has been factory reset.

FRP Android (Factory Reset Protection) is a security system that is applied to Android from Android 5.0 (Lollipop) to Android 10 and higher. As the name suggests, Factory Reset Protection protects or protects your Android smartphone by asking the user to confirm the Google email when they want to perform a hard reset on an Android smartphone.

The pattern lock screen or pattern lock screen is a security lock that is used when you want to access or go to menus in Android applications. To reset the lock pattern, you will usually need to use Google’s first-time registered email confirmation.

It’s scary or inconvenient when we forget our Android smartphone’s email, password, and lock pattern.

To overcome this we need to use a bypass technique. Bypass is a technique to bypass activation, e.g. For example, you can fill in the lock pattern information or bypass the email password without entering it.

Bypass can eliminate or bypass the passcode pattern, PIN, password, fingerprint or Face ID on your Android, so that after the bypass we can access our Android smartphone again without a password.

To bypass or remove the screen lock forcibly, we use the help of an application called iMyFone LockWiper.

iMyFone LockWiper Android is an application or software that can help us bypass or remove the security lock system on an Android smartphone without the need for a password or Google account login confirmation.

Recommended functions

  • Unlock FRP or delete verification google account without password.
  • Remove lock screen (lock screen): PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint and face lock
  • Supports over 6,000 brands of Android phones / tablets and supports Android 10.0 operating system.

How to bypass FRP and pattern lock screen on Android without root.


I. How to Unlock or Bypass Google’s FRP on Android

1. Install the iMyFone LockWiper application on your PC / laptop computer.

Download iMyFone LockWiper Android Lock Screen Removal

This app supports Windows 7, 8, 10 operation

Wait for the installation to load until it finishes.

2. After the installation, run the application. Select the “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” menu

3. Next, connect your Android smartphone to your PC / laptop computer using a data cable. Then select “Start”.

4. In the next step, select the brand type and name of your Android device. For example, bypassing the Google account verification on the Samsung Galaxy S7 2022. Then select “Next”.

5. Next, select your smartphone’s PDA device number or enter it manually, then select the country and operator. Then select “Download”.

6. Next, the program will start searching for and downloading data packages for your smartphone. (Make sure your computer is connected to the internet).

7. When the download is complete, select “Start to Extract” to begin extracting the downloaded data.

8. After the extraction process is complete, switch to recovery mode or download mode by turning off the smartphone first.

Then it’s off, press and Press and hold Volume + Power + Home at the same time (for Samsung Android).

After seeing the warning screen, then press the volume up key.

9. Confirm the steps by entering the number “000000” to start the data installation.

10. After successful installation, activate the functions “USB debugging” and “OEM activation” in the settings menu of the developer options on your Android smartphone.

To enable or view the Developer Options menu, go to Settings – About Phone – Software Information – then tap Build Number 7 times. Until the words “You are now a developer” appear.

11. Then follow the instructions in the software and then go back to download or recovery mode to download the firmware package for your Android.

12. After the firmware package has been downloaded, select “Start to Extract”.

13. The final step is for the application to automatically unlock Google FRP. Wait for the process to finish.

14. Congratulations! Google FRP was successfully bypassed or removed from your Android! Now you can access it again without having to verify the previously registered Google account.


Important info: Especially for Samsung Android users, no important data is lost in their Android storage when bypassing or unlocking Google FRP. However, other Android users lose data or delete data in saved storage.

II. How to Bypass or Remove Android Screen Pattern Lock

1. Run the iMyFone LockWiper software on your PC / laptop computer. Then select “Remove lock screen”.

2. Next, connect your Android smartphone to your PC / laptop using a USB cable.

3. The next step is to choose the brand type and name of your Android device. This software will automatically detect your Android brand type. When it is “Start to Unlock”.

4. Next, the program will start searching for and downloading data packages for your smartphone. (Make sure your computer is connected to the internet).

5. The final step is for the application to automatically unlock or delete the password or pattern lock on your Android. Wait for the process to finish.

6. Congratulations, your Android lock screen pattern has been successfully unlocked.

Complete. Keep in mind that for some types or brands of Android, bypassing the sample screen lock using this method can result in data erasure on your Android.

The iMyFone Lockwiper software is available in a paid version or a professional version. Of course, this paid version has unlimited possibilities and uses. At the price of the paid version $ 29.95 or about 400,000 rupiah for a 1 month license while a 1 year license only $ 39.95 or about 550 thousand rupiah and for a lifetime license for $ 59.95 or about 800 thousand rupiah.

Please enter the following code F487SA to get a discount on the purchase of a 1-year license. If you are interested in buying the professional version, you can use PayPal, credit card or debit card payment which supports Visa verification (vbv) for Indonesia.

In addition, the iMyFone application is also available for iPhone (iOS) users to bypass or remove passcodes on Apple iPhones

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