How to buy line stickers with Ovo Balance

Currently, technology is competing to develop applications that make it easier for someone to communicate remotely. This has spurred a number of IT and technology companies around the world to create applications that reference it, and this Japanese platform, Line, is no exception.

Line functions

Line is an instant chat application that can be used for different types of messages. Like WhatsApp, Line can be used to send documents, links, contacts, photo and video albums, locations, and voice messages. Currently, the line is not only used to send messages but can also be used to create a line story like on Instagram. Different groups are attracted to install this application on their smartphones.

The features on this platform are very interesting as we go deeper. One of the interesting things is the sticker line. To make the chat more exciting and intense, we can use stickers as a form of expression when transmitting messages. We can get these stickers for free by following official online accounts or by purchasing them. This purchase can be completed by paying an estimated amount of rupiah. With different payment systems that can be used including debit cards, credit cards, line coins, impulses and the newly released transaction with Ovo.

OVO & line cooperation

Ovo and Line have been working together in the payment system for the purchase of stickers and line themes since last July 2022. This payment makes it easier for Ovo and Line users to purchase these features. The payment system is forwarded as soon as we enter the Ovo user number in the payment column.

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Then the system will deduct the rupiah balance that was used for purchases. For this purpose, Inwepo is taking this opportunity to provide instructions on how to buy line stickers with OVO credit. Here is the guide:


1. Open Line Sticker Official in your browser

2. Select the line sticker you want to purchase

How to buy line stickers from Ovo

3. Then click on to buy and choose the payment method with Ovo

How to buy line stickers from Ovo

4. Enter the Ovo number on this tab and then confirm

How to buy line stickers from Ovo

5. Next, the system switches to the ovo application and automatically leads to the payment confirmation tab as in the following example.

How to buy line stickers from Ovo

6. Then click Checkout and Finish and don’t forget to download the sticker you purchased earlier.

How to buy line stickers from Ovo


The advantage of line work with ovo is that it makes it easier for users to buy line stickers and designs. Both of which are one of the interests that make someone the primary application for sending messages. That’s the whole guide to buying line stickers with ovo balance. Hopefully it can be useful and put into practice!

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