How to buy apps / games on Google Play with GOPAY

As Android users, it is now easier for us to make payments or buy applications and games from Google Play. Now Google has added a new payment method, namely GO-PAY. Do you know how to pay with GO-PAY? If you haven’t read the review below.

GO-PAY is electronic money or you can also say it is a digital wallet from platform Gojek, with whom we can make payments at DealersDealers that works with GO-JEK.

GO-PAY itself has many interesting functions, such as, for example, we can use it to make payments for all services in the GO-JEK application such as credit and others. Then we also have the option of carrying out transactions 24 hours a day, non-stop, anytime and anywhere. There are also many interesting promotions presented in the GO-PAY application. In addition, GO-PAY is also connected to major banks in Indonesia. So we won’t have any problems topping up the credit.

The latest thing is that we can now use GO-PAY to make payments on Google Play. We can use our GO-PAY credit to buy games or other paid applications. For those who don’t know how to connect GO-PAY to Google Play.

Video tutorials


1. Make sure that you already have a GO-JEK or GO-PAY account filled with credit. If not, please register with your mobile number first.

2. Open the Google Play app and Tap 3 lines in the top left to display another menu.

3. Select the Payment method menu and then Add GO-PAY.

4. Enter the mobile phone number used in the GO-PAY account, then enter the OTP code that was entered in the mobile phone number. Once logged in, your account will be linked as shown below. Next, all you have to do is find the application that you want to buy.

5. Select one again pop high Payment that is displayed, then deactivate payments other than GO-PAY.

6. If the payment option has become GO-PAY, stay Tap Buy with 1 click.

This is a guide on how to buy apps / games on Google Play with GOPAY.

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