How to Bomb WhatsApp Chats to Thousands of Chats (No Root!)

As we know, WhatsApp is a Social Media application that is not only used for chatting, guys. But, we can too send applications via WhatsApp.

How to Bomb Chat WhatsApp

WhatsApp Chat Bomb

Do you want to prank your friends on WhatsApp? Take it easy guys, this time we will discuss how to bomb WhatsApp chats that can irritate your friends.

Come on, let’s look at the following article!

Jail Friends? Just Bomb Chat With the Labalabi For WhatsApp Application

On WhatsApp, you can also check whether our WhatsApp is bugged or not by using various methods. One of them, using the WhatsApp hacking application guys.

The following is an explanation of how to bomb chat on WhatsApp in detail. Listen and follow the steps carefully, guys!

  • First, The thing you have to do is definitely install the Labalabi For WhatsApp application.
How to Bomb Chat WhatsApp

Install Labalabi Application For WhatsApp

  • Second, If it is already installed, please open the application. Then click “Go to—>Accessibility Settings” and select “Labalabi For WhatsApp”.
How to Bomb Chat WhatsApp

Select ‘Go to’ and select ‘Labalabi For WhatsApp’

  • Third, Activate it by sliding the Toggle to the right and select “OKAY”.
How to Bomb Chat WhatsApp

Slide the toggle to the right, then select ‘OK’

  • Fourth, After that, return to the home page of the Labalabi application. Then, select ‘ALLOW’.
How to Bomb Chat WhatsApp

Select ‘ALLOW’

  • Fifth, The next step, find the contact you want to bomb chat on the search icon. Click the contact, then checklist “Accept Terms and Conditions Agreement”.
How to Bomb Chat WhatsApp

Find Contacts, Then Checklist ‘Accept Terms and Conditions Agreement’

  • Sixth, Next, you choose “ACCEPT”.
How to Bomb Chat WhatsApp

Select ‘ACCEPT’

  • Seventh, Then, you enter the chat you want to send. Then, set how many chats you want to send and select “SEND”.
How to Bomb Chat WhatsApp

Set, check the ‘Accept Terms and Conditions Agreement’ checklist and select ‘SEND’