How to Bomb Comments on FB Automatically Latest

How to Bomb Comments on FB – Facebook is a social media application that is most widely used by everyone, especially in Indonesia. Because it is supported by the latest features in it, so for its users it will be easier to socialize, for example, to communicate with parents, friends, and others.

However, with the increasing popularity of Facebook or what people often call fb, now there are many people who misuse it for negative things such as deceiving other people. Therefore, if you have ever been annoyed with someone, now you can prank that person’s facebook account by bombing comments on their fb status.

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So is it easy? For that I can’t be sure, because everyone’s opinion is definitely different. If you want to try pranks on your friends’ facebook accounts, you can use this method. For more detailed information, please see below.

How to Bomb Comments On Facebook Using a PC

Doing a comment bomb on fb status is very easy, because you only need to copy the script that I will share as follows.

dim wshsum=100
delay=1set wsh=wscript.createobject(“”)
wscript.sleep 3000

for i=1 to sum
wsh.sendkeys “Your Order Here”
wsh.sendkeys “{ENTER}”
wscript.sleep delaynext

Steps to Bomb Comments On Facebook

  • The first step is that you are required to “copy” the script that I shared above and then “paste” it in notepad
  • If so, you can save the script file, the method is: ctrl + S > give the file a name > then change the document to all files.
  • Then you can directly search for your friend’s fb status that you want to comment on
  • After that, double-click the script file that was saved earlier and then “paste” it in the comment column of your friend’s fb status
  • The last thing is that you wait until the script comments are successfully sent
  • Finished

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Well, the method above can only be used by using a PC or laptop. However, you don’t have to be discouraged because I will also share how to bomb Facebook comments via cellphone. Just curious to see the ways below.

How to bomb comments on FB via an Android phone

For this second method, we need a help application, namely UC Browser Mini which you can download on google playstore. If you have already installed the application and then follow the steps as follows:

how to bomb comments on facebook status via cellphone

  1. If you have downloaded the mini UC browser application that I suggested earlier, then next, please open it and enter your respective fb account.
  2. If you have logged in to your fb account, then you can search for the facebook status that you want to comment on.
  3. Next, please write a comment message in the column provided and click send as much as possible without having to wait for loading.
  4. Then you can see the results in the image above.
  5. Finished

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The final word

That’s all for the review on this occasion regarding the Latest Automatically Bomb Comments on FB. So, if you have any questions, you can just comment. If the review I share is useful, you can share it so that everyone knows it.

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