How to Block WhatsApp Group Name and Information

Groups in chat applications are one of the easiest ways, used by many people with similar needs, to get together virtually to exchange information or just to discuss something. Not just video calls, members can send text messages and media messages to each other through groups in chat applications.

When talking about groups in chat applications, each chat application completes its group with various useful functions that serve to protect the privacy of the group. When discussing chat applications, data protection becomes a very important topic. Do not allow our personal data to be widely disseminated as a user of chat applications and used by irresponsible parties.

Block WhatsApp group name and information

The WhatsApp application itself has provided loyal users with various security features to protect personal and group data. One of the security features that can be used to protect WhatsApp groups is to lock the name and group information. Not only admins, so far group members can also have access to change names and information in WhatsApp groups.

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However, by locking the name and information on the WhatsApp group, members will no longer be able to change the name and group information. Only the administrator changes the name and group information. What is more interesting is that you don’t need an additional application to block group names and information as this feature is a standard feature of the WhatsApp application.


1. Open your WhatsApp account application and then select one of the groups in the WhatsApp application. However, remember that you will act as the group admin in the WhatsApp group you have chosen. click Logo or group name located above the group chat field to open the group settings.

How to Lock WhatsApp Group Name and Information

2. On the group settings page, find Menu. and click on it Group settings. then Select functions Edit group info.

How to Lock WhatsApp Group Name and Information

3. Change the option to edit group information to Administrator. Done, now members cannot change names and information in WhatsApp groups and only administrators can change names and information in WhatsApp groups.

How to Lock WhatsApp Group Name and Information


By locking the WhatsApp group name and information, members will now not be able to arbitrarily change the name and information in the WhatsApp group. This is of course very important in order to maintain the credibility of the WhatsApp group itself. If a group member wants to change the group name, the member can give their opinion directly in the chat box for discussion with the admin and other WhatsApp group members.

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